Why It’s A Bad Idea To Use “Cease And Desist” Letters

by Mark Brinker

If you’d like to increase the odds of getting sued by one or more of your creditors, I can help you. Go ahead and send them a “cease and desist” letter. That’ll get the job done. They’re readily available at say, oh about a thousand different websites.

I was recently speaking with my good friend, Charles Phelan (of zipdebt.com), and he and I were rolling our eyes at how many so-called experts and pundits still are advocating the use of “cease and desist” letters to get creditors to stop calling you.

Newsflash: It’s well-known in the collection industry that the use of a “cease and desist” letter will usually trigger a lawsuit. Bill collectors despise cease and desist letters.

This was further confirmed during a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine that’s a paralegal at a large collection law firm. She jokingly made reference to the anti-collection “militia” on the Internet whose goal is to help consumers “do battle” with the evil bill collector.

 “What people don’t realize”, she said, “is that we’re out here just trying to do our jobs like everybody else, and in most cases we’re willing to work with debtors as long as they conduct themselves professionally and what they’re proposing is reasonable. But when they start using all these petty little tactics promoted by the anti-collection militia we usually just fast-track those people for litigation.”

So there you have it. The moral to the story? Think. Be smart and use your head, and don’t do foolish things that are going to make matters even worse for yourself.

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