The Debt Elimination Scam … Version 2.0

by Mark Brinker

When people are faced with a difficult financial situation, sometimes they make decisions out of pure desperation that they’ll later live to regret. One such decision is taking the “debt elimination” plunge.

The basis of the debt elimination “procedure” is that promoters claim that you never actually borrowed any money on those credit cards, because credit card debt is not *real* money. Hence, there’s nothing to pay back.

Yeah, tell that to the judge, then let me know how that worked out for you.

My good friend, Charles Phelan, of, just published an excellent article on this whole debt elimination thing. It’s definitely worth reading. Here’s a direct link to his article >>

Over the years I’ve seen the debt elimination scam come and go, and apparently it’s making it’s rounds again with so many people struggling financially these days. And sadly, there will be unwitting people that will sign up for the debt elimination procedure and it will make their financial predicament even worse. Just don’t be one of them.

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