A few words from satisfied clients …

Thanks for your help!

“HBR was tremendously helpful in guiding us during the difficult process of settling our debt. Mark, in particular, provided professional expert assistance every step of the way. We are so grateful, as we would not have completed this process without HBR, and certainly would not have had such terrific results.”
J.C. (teacher)

“I want to thank you for your service and your clearly articulated messaging and discussions throughout this process. I can tell that you are a very decent person who enjoys helping people.”
P.Z. (sales & marketing rep)

“If your reading my testimonial you probably have this sick feeling in your gut and feel like the world is crashing down on you and feel like there’s no way out of your debt. I know. I was in your shoes 5 months ago. I searched the net for answers and came upon Mark Brinker’s Program. I liked his videos. They were done professionally and he really seemed sincere on trying to help. I still was not sure about putting up the money I really didn’t have and we all know how everyone promises to fix all your problems if you have the money. But I took the chance since I really had no other options and I did feel Mark’s program might work. Well 5 months later I am debt free and no longer have that feeling of hopelessness. It’s a great feeling and I can tell you Mark’s program was a total success. It wasn’t easy by any means but Mark guides you step by step through his program and gives you every answer you might come up against when dealing with credit card companies. Mark truly wants you to succeed. He wanted me to succeed so much that he arranged an hour to talk with me about my situation. That time alone is normally $299/hr and he did it for free. Didn’t even know he was going to that. Showed me how much of a first class person Mark and his program is. He’s like talking to your best friend when you have a problem. He knows what me and you are going through he tells you up front he’s been there to. I sent him an email to tell him how grateful I was for everything he had done for me and that his program was a total success and you know he called to congratulate me. He never had to call me or help me through his program since he had my money that just tells you the kind of person he truly is. Feel confident his program will work for you. It was the best thing I ever done. Thank you Mark for everything. It all worked out just like you said.”
G.A. (sales)

“You have the best customer service that I have ever experienced. The information you give and the personal support you provide are top notch. Your product has been worth every penny to me and you have certainly saved me many sleepless nights wondering what I should do. Your dedication to supporting me after the sale makes me believe in your advice even more than when I first purchased your product.Keep up the OUTSTANDING work.”
C.H. (general contractor)

“”I highly recommend Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. for anyone seeking unsecured debt settlement. After my husband lost his job, and then me losing mine, there was no way out of the debt we had accumulated on our credit cards other than declaring bankruptcy and losing everything. I found out about HBR on the internet and looked at other testimonials regarding their service. It was great to get the informative emails from Mark about the process before I needed to decide if I wanted to acquire their services. They let me know what to expect and how to handle every step of the process. They were right. We now have settled the three credit card balances we had. Two of them for 30 cents on the dollar and the other for 40! We now can move forward with our lives! Mark was also there to answer any questions I had or to coach me through the difficult times of receiving phone calls from the credit card companies. I never had to wait long to hear back from him from a voicemail I left him or an email I sent him. He was always available. Customer service is key, especially with working with people in such difficult financial positions. Thank you Mark for all your help!”
K.I. (business owner)

“After realizing I was in a severe financial trouble and without many options I contacted Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts Inc. I had been in the financial services industry and was very skeptical of their services because of the many false claims that commonly are perpetuated on the public. To my relief, I found Hoffman Brinker to be very real, ethical and most importantly honest. What I was told was right on the money, they never over-promised but in my situation very much over-achieved. I would not hestitate to recommend Hoffman Brinker to any one that needs help in this area. Mark – Thank you again for all that your help! You truly help people at a difficult time in their lives. Thank you again!!”
R.A. (presently unemployed)

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your services you provided. Your thoroughness and patience was truly a blessing. The percentages you estimated for me were extremely accurate, and more than any other legitimate company I originally spoke you. I’m very fortunate to have chosen to work with you. Since day 1, you’ve stood by your word and everything has gone as planned. I’m grateful to have this debt off my plate, and now I can focus more on stabilization. I appreciate your assistance and will refer people your way in need of help.”
M.B. (commercial real estate agent)

“Hoffman Brinker Roberts was highly informative, to-the-point and very professional from the first email response to the final payment for their services, unlike those other “debt settlement” corporations, one of which had sent me a contract to go FURTHER into debt as a first step. Between digging out from a soured business opportunity, trying to start a new business, one of us trying to salvage a career to keep food on the table, and the repeated torpedoes received from our creditors, our heads were spinning. After researching numerous web sites, articles, opinions, etc., it was clear the Hoffman Brinker method was (and is) THE MOST straight-forward, logical and painless approach to taking back control of our lives.”
C.J. (business owner)

“After hours of research and talking to 3 competitors of HBR, I knew with my first conversation with Mark Brinker that this would be the company to trust settling my failed business and the significant debt that was incurred. I would recommend to anyone looking for a debt settlement company to not waste time looking elsewhere. Watch the HBR intro video that Mark has on the website, and after your first call you too will agree that HBR is the company to use.”
T.H. (commercial pilot and business owner)

“Thanks for everything. You and your firm have certainly lived up to my expectations and you have delivered what you said you would. I appreciate your assistance.”
M.E. (business development manager)

“Greetings! I know this reply is from an email almost 7 years ago, but I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate your help in settling my debts back then, it truly changed my financial life. The other reason I’m sending this is to let you know that I’ve finally got my credit scores all in the 700’s and thought I also owe you some gratitude in getting me to this point. Hope all is well and keep up the fine work.”
J.P. (sales manager)

“I can’t thank you enough for your help in my situation. You were thoroughly professional and truly helpful in all our interactions. I feel lucky that I was able to “discover” your services over the internet.”
B.C. (business manager)

“I can honestly say I researched over 20 companies and even considered settling myself, but I’m so glad I went with HBR. Mr. Brinker was exceptionally knowledgeable and had a firm grasp on the situation at hand. If anyone can get you a settlement it would be him.”
V.F. (teacher)

Around four years ago everything financially in my life was great. I had a great job, a growing 401k, health insurance and much more. Based on those things I started making some indebtedness against myself anticipating that with hard work in a few years I would be able to pay my creditors back in full. It was shortly after that time that things began to change in my life and within a few short years I was almost $60,000 in debt to credit card companies and banks. Due to the loss of my job I had no means of paying them back and was just working to keep the house and some sanity. Everyone I turned to told me to go bankrupt, a piece of advice I was not willing to accept. I knew that I was doing my creditors wrong by not paying them back but I felt working with them and agreeing for less than the total debt was far better than just dumping them. I began to research online to find anyone or anything that could help me. As I was looking I came across a very helpful video about debt settlement produced by Mark Brinker. This video helped me so much I became a client. Over the course of a year Hoffman, Brinker, & Roberts have saved me thousands of dollars guiding me through the single most difficult financial time I have ever had in my life. I do not have the words to adequately thank them for the weight they have helped to lift from me and my family. I found Mark Brinker to be professional, personal, kind, understanding, compassionate, and above all knowledgeable about how to get me out of debt. I whole-heartedly recommend Hoffman, Brinker, & Roberts.”
D.K. (website designer)

“I interviewed several debt settlement companies before choosing HBR. They are head and shoulders above everyone else out there. From the day of my first conversation with Mark Brinker he worked with me as a partner, calming my fears and boosting my self-esteem. He took time to answer my questions in detail and volunteer clarification even when I didn’t know what questions to ask. Every step of the way he exhibited thoroughness, patience, honesty and integrity with personal attention that made me feel I was his most important client (always personally answered my calls). I’m grateful that with his guidance my debt was completely resolved.”
M.T. (small business owner)

“Thank you for your great help and support through one of the most trying financial times of our lives. When our business partner left us high and dry we went upside down with only bankruptcy in sight. After working with you, we solved our $30k+ debt problem for 25 cents on the dollar and saved our reputation. Each step of the way you were honest, up front, candid and most importantly the process went just as you predicted. Thank you again from me and my family.”
R.H. (college professor)

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your outstanding service! I really appreciated the continued emails and phone conversations that kept me in the loop while you were developing strategy. I was uncertain who to go with as there are so many firms that claim to be the best, but my time spent researching the web to find the best really paid off!! Thanks to you I only paid $7,000 on a $43,000+ debt!!! Its such a blessing to have that monkey off my back!!! I have already referred you to several people I have run across experiencing financial difficulties. In these trying times its good to know the team on your side is the best at what they do. Thanks again. Your help was immeasurable.”
S.C. (small business owner)

“I would like to send a big thank you to Mark Brinker and his team for their invaluable and successful services. Mark was always knowledgeable, professional, courteous, accessible and easy to talk to. His able assistance helped me through a difficult and uncomfortable situation. The outcome was very favorable, and I’m now able to move forward, having put this behind me with Mark’s help. Thank you Mark, and HBR. You are really providing a great service.”
D.D. (artist)

“Due to the economy and the loss of a business, my wife and I found ourselves in serious debt that we were unable to pay. The situation threatened our home and we even considered bankruptcy. With the help of Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts we were able to negotiate 4 separate settlements & pay our business debts at a substantially lower dollar amount. Our relief is immense! They were there to answer questions during the whole process in a private and professional way. They gave great counsel to us regarding the whole uneasy situation. We would not hesitate to recommend HBR to friends or family who find themselves in this troubling situation. When they say they can help, they mean it! Thanks so much for everything.”
J.G. (web developer)

“After reading all the testimonials from the many HBR clients, I only wish I could improve upon them. Mark Brinker is a true professional, I can’t praise him enough.”
M.P. (EMS helicopter pilot)

“Being in debt and not being sure what to do about it is no way to live. What my wife and I found in Mark Brinker was someone with the knowledge and skill to be able to help us through this difficult financial time. I can think back to where we were about 13 months ago and remember the hopeless feeling we had as we faced a mountain of debt. We felt like there would never be any end to the credit card mess that we found ourselves in, but thanks to Mark, it’s all in our past now. If you find yourself stretched far beyond your means, HBR would be the only firm I would consider. I looked at a lot of similar firms, but no one structures things in a better way for the CLIENT than HBR! Thanks again for the timeless effort and dogged dedication to your clients!”
E.B. (software tester)

“Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts did a great job settling my $105,584 of debt for $49,057. This *included* the HBR fee. Mark Brinker was able to do this in 4.5 months. I looked at a lot of debt reduction programs before selecting HBR for my debt settlement. The choice to have the HBR team settle my debt is one of the most important life choices I have made.”
N.S. (small business owner)

“We recently hired Mark Brinker with Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts. We feel like Mark gave us our lives back. We were headed for bankruptcy, but with Mark’s help we were able to avoid that. Mark is so easy to talk with. He supports you and gives you the confidence you need to get through this. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again, Mark!”
S.B. (hair stylist)

“I had an excellent experience with HBR. They delivered exactly as they said they would. There were no surprises and no hidden charges. All in all I saved about $21,000. I highly recommend this company.”
D.H (environmental chemist)

“Early this year I lost my job, and with the current state of the economy, have been unable to find suitable work. I had well over $50,000 in credit card debt, and there was no way I would ever be able to repay the debt on their terms, unless I got hired at another $100,000-a-year job! Not likely! I had been hearing of programs by which you could negotiate settlements with the credit card companies, but I was skeptical.

I thought I would first try to get a feel for how it all worked by contacting one of the first debt-negotiating companies that popped up on a Google search. I talked to them on the phone and did some preliminary reviews with them of my family’s financial dilemma. They suggested a payment plan! That was the last thing I wanted to hear! Payment plans are what got me into this awful mess! After I thanked them for the information, and that I would get back to them, I began receiving multiple emails and phone calls which became increasingly pushy. The last call I got from the previously friendly “counselor” was very condescending. Their message was that I was downright stupid for not retaining their services, and sarcastically saying, “good luck, you’ll wish we had given you the privilege of helping you”!

I am a research nut, so I embarked on a long, methodical search online and chose HBR. If you do the same, I think that you will agree that this company has one of the very best reputations in the business.

Mark Brinker is a bright, patient, pro-active professional. Not once did we have to wait too long for him to get back to us. Every one of our questions was answered promptly and in a VERY detailed fashion.We always felt that Mark was genuinely interested in our case and in us as people. I can tell you that he is a genuinely nice person. We were also very pleased to find out early on that HBR only got paid on the the amount of the debt reduction that they were able to negotiate for us- (not so with many other firms).

After about 6 months of HBR working for us, we have completed our negotiations with the credit card companies, and saved well over half of what we owed to them. All collection calls have stopped, and we are working on a fresh new financial future.

You want to know something ironic? Our mailbox is still being stuffed with letters from the credit card companies! They will never quit trying to trap consumers into endless and worrisome debt. Our family will never go that route again.

Thank You Mark and your wonderful staff! We highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their debt burden.”
(R.C., presently unemployed)

“Thank you for all the help and advice that you gave me over the past several months. Not only have I saved thousands of dollars, but I have been relieved from a huge amount of stress.”
(C.N., single mom/restaurant mgr)

“Due to buying a home, getting married, losing a job and bad financial habits, my wife and I found ourselves in a desperate situation. Once I obtained employment again, we were no longer able to make the minimum payments on our credit cards. We knew that doing nothing would not solve the issue, so we needed to come up with some type of financial plan.

During the first one to two months the creditors were polite, but they soon became more aggressive. I began to research my options, and this is when I came across debt settlement. After researching the process and meeting with a consumer law attorney I decided that debt settlement was our best option.

The next step was finding the right representative. I realized that this was not something I wanted to do myself. It is possible to do this yourself, but having a professional with years of experience reduces the stress of dealing with collection agencies.

Eventually I came across Mark Brinker. This was after speaking with multiple high pressure individuals who I was wary of their tactics. After a conversation with Mark I could tell he was genuinely concerned with my issue, not just collecting money. Mark exhibited the utmost integrity and professionalism during the course of the settlement process. I could tell he genuinely cared about doing the right thing, and not just collecting money from desperate people. I highly recommend Mark and his firm.”
C.T. (network administrator)

“I didn’t just wake up one morning to find myself in debt. Like most of us, I saw it coming, but I did wake up one morning and knew I had to do something about it.

I saw TV commercials about debt relief and even called a couple of companies. The young, fast-talking “customer service” person along with the fine print did not put me at ease.

I consulted a higher source for guidance and then looked on the Internet and found Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts. After watching an informational video at their website and talking with Mark Brinker on the phone, I knew I had found someone that I could trust … a company that knew my concerns and really cared. With their help, in less than 9 months we settled nearly $55,000 in debt for around $18,740.

It’s hard in these times of so much distrust to open up about such a personal matter, but the professional manner and reassuring nature of everyone at HBR made this “experience” more than bearable, almost an adventure.

If you’re in need, you can trust these guys. Thanks for everything.”
T.P. (engraver)

“As a practicing attorney of over ten years experience, I am extremely selective when it comes to choosing professionals for matters as sensitive and serious as my own financial affairs. When medical bills relating to my daughter’s care created unmanageable credit card debt, I contacted Mark Brinker of Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts.

Simply put, my experience with Mark demonstrated that he is not only an expert in his field, but just as importantly, he is a truly committed professional who places the interests of his clients first. In my particular case, Mark spent substantial time providing invaluable guidance and then recommended a course of action that placed my family and its financial well being ahead of any fee or profit. I am confident that had I called one the many “mill” debt settlement operations advertised today on the radio instead of Mark, I never would have received such forthcoming and honest advice.

I am very thankful for Mark’s guidance and urge anyone finding themselves facing a hardship of excessive credit card debt to contact Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts. I highly recommend Mark and his firm without any reservation.”
S.R. (attorney)

“When the combination of unexpected expense and employment change struck our family, our debt spiraled out of control until we were facing a judgment and credit card debt totaling over $90,000. I investigated many repayment and counseling options and was advised by two lawyers that bankruptcy was our only viable option. Resolved to pay my bills, I kept looking and now consider the day I found the HBR website one of the most fortuitous financial moments of my life. Mark, you are as professional and competent as advertised, a rare commodity these days. You helped us work out reasonable repayment on the judgment and saved us well over half of our combined credit card debt. More importantly, you completely removed the stress element from this process and provided us with meaningful information all along the way. Your advice has helped us reshape our financial condition so that now we are debt-free, paying our bills, and enjoying life as we should. When I first called you, I would not have thought this was possible. You are a life saver!”
M.C. (consultant)

“I surfed the web for solutions to my debt problems, and the first two organizations I contacted did not show interest in my situation and it was clear they were not showing me the pros and cons of the settlement option. I had almost given up, but I decided to contact Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts and I am so glad I did.

HBR was accessible throughout the entire process, and Mark Brinker has serious knowledge of the industry. I was able to settle my debts in about a year’s time. I wholeheartedly recommend HBR.”
J.C. (development engineer)

“With the information, guidance and support that HBR provided me, I was able to overcome a significant debt balance. No matter the question, HBR always responded promptly and provided information and insight to all options available to me.

Mark, you and your team did what you said you would do, and when you said you would do it. Now, 15 months later, I can breathe easier. HBR always treated me with respect and dignity and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help. HBR far surpassed my expectations and saved me tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

Thank you for being there to provide this service and to help overcome what seemed an insurmountable obstacle.”
C.F. (business consultant)

“I want to thank your firm for all your help … especially your talks with me along the way getting us through this. This was a rough time for us, but things are looking up. Thanks again for everything.”
J.M (elementary school teacher)

“I never thought I’d be writing a thank you letter for getting me out of debt. I never thought I’d find myself in the situation. Having worked hard all of my life and always planning ahead, I never dreamt that I would be at the point of bankruptcy. When I quit my job of 31 years for health reasons, I had enough savings to cover my retraining and finding new employment. It never occurred to me that it would take over 5 years to find work. It was only when I started my own company that I was able to have steady work and a stable income. In the meantime, after going through my savings, I was forced to rely heavily on credit cards to pay my bills. As the interest on my accounts mounted, I was finally unable to meet even the minimum obligation. I was on the verge of bankruptcy when I discovered the Hoffman, Brinker website. As I read I started to feel better about my chances of avoiding bankruptcy. My initial conversation with Mark lasted over an hour. The most surprising thing about the phone call was his sympathetic attitude. He didn’t chastise me for being in debt. Make no mistake, he didn’t provide me with easy excuses. He was knowledgeable and reassuring. At that moment, I should have applied for his debt relief program. Instead, I waited for several weeks. This was a mistake. In my efforts to be cautious, I neglected the fact that I was in over my head, hadn’t slept well in years, and my health was more precarious. After making my decision, I applied to his firm to take me on as a client. His screening process is thorough. He is looking for clients who have found themselves in circumstances beyond their control. I was impressed that his standards are high. I knew that I was in good hands.

Mark is an expert in his field. He knows the ins and outs of the credit card business. He is able to give expert advice gleaned from over a dozen years in the business. He told me from the outset what to expect, and he was right in every case. He reminded me that it was not going to be an “easy fix”. I was over a hundred thousand dollars in debt. I was going to be responsible for paying back some of the money through a settlement process. He reminded me that it would take 6 to 7 months to complete this action, but he reminded me that he would be with me every step of the way.

I was at the lowest point in my life and Mark Brinker offered hope. Mark helped me keep my self-respect. He was with me at every turn in the road. He always responded to my questions quickly – within 24 hours. He was a reassuring and calming influence.

I am now debt free. I sleep through the night. I can watch the commercials and television shows about credit card debt without becoming sick to my stomach. I am grateful for getting this new start. Best of all, I have just one credit card and I pay off the balance every month, weeks before it is due.”
M.R. (retired school teacher)

“I can’t thank you enough! I had over $80,000 in credit card debt, and today I am debt free. I wasn’t sure what to do, and I am so glad I discovered your company. You did everything you said you would and more. Thank you!”
A.F. (financial analyst)

“I had over $125,000 in credit card debt!! After speaking with 5 debt settlement companies, I went with HBR because they don’t get paid until they actually perform and they get paid based on their performance. When it was all said and done, HBR negotiated excellent settlements on all accounts!! Thank You!”
S.J. (sales engineer)

“The settlements you achieved on each of our embarrassingly large accounts far exceeded our hopes. More importantly, the dignity and respect with which we were treated deserves our heartfelt thanks. Additionally, your calm demeanor throughout this most trying time went a long way in helping us to cope with the frightening situation in which we found ourselves. Thank you.”
J.M. (delivery driver)

“Thank you so very much for all of your help. My father-in-law became disabled and I was at a loss regarding his credit card debt. I trusted your company because of the BBB logo. Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts was kind and understanding and extremely professional in all of our dealings. I have felt like I was in very capable hands from the very beginning. I am so grateful that I found them online!”
M.M. (senior payroll tax specialist)

“The company I worked 10 years for down sized and I lost my job. Not able to file bankruptcy–I did a lot of research and found Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts was the most trustworthy. I found they do what they say. They helped me with all my creditors and saved me thousands of dollars. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with creditors.”
V.T. (EMS support rep)

“I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. I don’t know what I would of done without you. The credit card company was really unreasonable to my situation. I didn’t know how to deal with them. I am so glad that you an expert in negotiations with these companies. You saved me several thousand dollars, which is very important to me at this time in my life. Once I talked with you I knew that Hoffman, Brinker and Roberts Inc was the solution to my problem. You were straightforward and honest and never told me anything but the truth. You never promised anything that you couldn’t deliver. That is very refreshing in this day and time when it seems that the norm is “promise everything, take the money, deliver nothing”. After the first time that I talked with you and made the decision to let you negotiate for me it was as if a weight had been lifted from me. When I got anxious you would reassure me which was a tremendous help. You kept me updated all the way as to where the negotiations were. Mark, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I highly recommend your services to anyone who finds their self in my situation!”
J.W. (retired due to medical disability)

“We recently hired Mark Brinker with Hoffman, Brinker and Roberts. We were referred through a family member who also went through financial difficulties. We are professional people and we’ve had a business that failed and we’ve also had quite a few unexpected medical expenses for my son and my husband, and all this combined with not being able to sell our home put us into a financial disaster.

With Mark Brinker’s help we were able to get out of this. On top of it all, when we were going through it, we went through two deaths in our family in this last year. It was very, very stressful on our family but with Mark’s coaching and help we were able to get out of this.

I highly recommend this company to anyone and all I can really say is we were looking at bankruptcy. We were trying to figure out what to do. We did not know what to do and I am just glad I made the phone call and got the information I needed. I would tell anyone to do the same…don’t be scared…just follow Mark’s advice and take it one step at a time, it gets easier as you go along with his help. I just can’t thank you enough, Mark, for what you’ve done for us. So on behalf of myself, my husband and my family we thank you.”
S.C. (teacher)

“HBR has done a fantastic job settling our debt. We were $80,000+ in debt and HBR was there to help us through. We are now debt-free thanks to HBR. It was great to know someone was “in our corner” and working for us. We would highly recommend them.”
S.M. (accountant)

“Much thanks to all the staff at Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. You did a superb job! I could not have asked for a more professional yet friendly staff. I was very impressed with the amount of money I saved! Thanks again, Mark! I am now debt-free and sleeping again at night.”
C.F. (systems administrator)

“Before we hired your company, my husband and I were so desperate regarding our enormous debts. We tried a debt consolidation company but we were not going anywhere. We were almost thinking of filing bankruptcy. I searched on the internet for companies that would seriously help solve our financial problems and finally I found you. Every time you had a settlement from our creditors, my husband and I were so happy. Words cannot explain how much we are so grateful for you, helping people like us who we thought were already a hopeless case. You saved us thousands of dollars, headaches and harassment from creditors and collection agencies. Now that we are debt free, we can now relax, sleep well, move on and live longer. We will not hesitate to recommend your company that was so professional, reliable and trustworthy to other people and to our friends who really need your services
L.P. (manufacturing technician)

“Professional and vigilant seem to be the hallmark of Mark Brinker and the staff at Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts. We tried a credit counseling service and were very disappointed in the results. At no time did we feel that they were working in our best interest. I happened to find HBR on the internet and liked the sound, straight forward approach that Mark presented. We took a chance on HBR and two years later our debts were settled with a substantial amount of savings as well as our self-respect. So it is with great gratitude that I would recommend HBR to anyone who wants a resolution to a debt situation that is always in their best interest.”
E.C. (shipping and receiving supervisor)

“HBR, Inc helped me to rectify a major financial sinkhole I was in. Mark Brinker was great to work with, professional and concise in every single communication. I am very pleased with the results and really appreciate all the hard negotiations that were fought on my behalf.”
C.J. (environmental health specialist)

“Due to a series of unfortunate financial events, my husband and I found ourselves in a very bad credit situation. I must admit to being a bit of a skeptic and when I first spoke with you I questioned your ability to deliver your claim that you could help resolve our debt! Not only did you follow through on everything you said you would, you were always very professional and clear about my options. Peace of mind has no price. Thank you.”
A.J. (homemaker)

“I can’t begin to express adequately how appreciative I am of Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts for the help they afforded me. We had created a huge financial mess after the loss of a job and starting a new business. They literally shaved years off of our payback schedule of the accrued debt. They were professional, responsive, and effective in their approach. A special thank you” to Mark Brinker who was always courteous and thorough in his communications and follow-up.”
R.L. (financial consultant)

“Although I had already battled the credit card companies until I was paying virtually nothing on those cards they still didn’t want to negotiate. HBR almost immediately was able to find common ground for the companies and I. My $80,000 debt is now gone and I can breathe again. Now I can manage my money properly. Thanks for being so quick and helpful to me.”
R.S. (assistant city manager)

“I would like to thank HoffmanBrinker for the excellent service and appreciate all the fine work you have done on my behalf. I don’t think I could have had better service from any other company.”
K.H. (technical sales manager)

“From over $45,000 in credit cards, to debt free in less than 2 years and saved over $20,000. Awesome job. Thanks!”
F.H. (retired)

“Great job!!! Performance was better than expected. You really helped me resolve a very difficult financial situation, saving me thousands!”
J.H. (business owner)

“Thank you very much for all of your hard work. It has really helped us get out of a real financial bind. The process was smooth, informative, and you got better than I could have ever hoped for in settlements from these large credit card companies. If anyone I know is in a financial predicament with credit cards I will absolutely recommend Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts to take care of them.”
P.H. (company director)

“After a failed business start-up and family issues, I spent all my cash reserves and ran a credit card debt well over 30k. At one point I had to stop making even minimum payments to the credit holders. Then facing few choices, including bankruptcy, I was talking to many debt consolidation and debt eliminators. Most other companies are charging service fees before even making an attempt to deal with the debt issues. They also use a high pressure tactics, which reminded me of a used car salespeople. Plus their process is between 36 to 48 months long. HBR sold me after the first conversation. No pressure, straight to the point discussion. Just the way you want your financial advisor to act when there is a financial problem. HBR’s fee structure is as clear and straight-forward as could be. But the most impressive part is that thanks to HBR I was out of debt in less than 6 months, and the debt was settled for about 35% on the dollar. Great performance, great service!”
M.L. (HR consultant)

“I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have done on our behalf. Financial struggles are never pleasant but you were so professional, it made the process easy without ever making us feel bad about our situation. It is our desire to never need your services again but we will be sure to pass your name along to anyone asking for a referral. Thank you so much.”
S.S. (sales executive)

“You did a great job! I truly appreciate your honesty and integrity with which you conducted yourself. Your advice to me, in my somewhat unusual situation, was invaluable. You saved me money and I received important information which will help me to accomplish my financial objectives. You went the extra mile. Thanks.”
L.G. (attorney)

“Just wanted to thank you and your staff for all the help you have provided to me over these past months. My wife and I have gone from being overwhelmed and exhausted by our debt situation to a much more comfortable place – a place where there is light at the end of the tunnel. Could not have done it without you!”
J.P. (computer programmer)

“We were thousands of dollars in debt with credit cards and there seemed to be no way out. Then we found your company and now our credit card debt is gone! What a great feeling! You are professionals in your field and you go the extra mile for your clients. Thanks so much for giving us financial freedom!”
E.W. (nurse)

“While searching for a debt resolution firm to help with my debt issues, my biggest concern was to find an honest and trustworthy firm. Mark and his team far exceeded my expectations. They took time and effort to understand my situation and were very accommodating to my needs. They provided guidance at every step and were very responsive to my queries and concerns. I would happily recommend them to anyone in need of help for debt resolution.”
S.R. (IT consultant)

“We really appreciate your assistance in settling this debt in such an expeditious manner. Your professional approach and attention to detail is greatly appreciated. You can consider us very satisfied customers. Thank you.”
K.N. (retired, military)

“I would like to thank you and your company. You saved me more than I expected as far as the money was concerned. The thing that impressed me the most was you saved me something more valuable; Time. Thanks again for running such a professional company.”
M.B. (small business owner)

“HBR did a very good job of completely taking over and settling all the loans, with minimum input from me. However, my biggest thank you is for Mark’s willingness to listen and explain. This gave me a lot of confidence and a lot of support while going through this difficult period.”
T.N. (MIS consultant)

“Your company has done a fantastic job. Everyone was very helpful during my stressful time. You saved me thousands of dollars, and can’t thank you enough.”
M.C. (dog breeder)

“Due to a very complicated financial situation with a unruly bank that incorrectly listed the settlement from the short-sale of our house as a charge-off, and then refused to fix their error, we were facing imminent bankruptcy. We eventually hired an attorney to get the bank to remove the incorrect reporting so we could refinance and pay them in full, but the bank refused to negotiate. Once their collection agency started calling, we found and contacted Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. who immediately stepped in and quickly negotiated an extremely equitable solution, saving us over $15,000 and restoring our good credit rating. Mark’s understanding of the situation made him remarkably easy to work with and his frequent communications, assurances and updates on the progress of our case engendered total trust and relieved us of the heavy burden of uncertainty. Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. has removed a huge weight from our shoulders that has been there for almost three years and they did it with such ease that we can only sit back in awe and feel blessed that this ordeal is finally over. We truly appreciate the incredibly efficient and favorable resolution Mark affected for us and highly recommend his services to anyone finding themselves in need of financial negotiations.”
A.R. (captain, U.S. Air Force)

“You have done a great job! Your company has demonstrated that you are one of the best in this field by saving me more that $50,000.00 plus the outstanding professional services provided and prompt response for all the questions I had. I appreciate all the services and help your company offered during this critical period of my life.”
A.W. (computer analyst)

“Thank you for your assistance in settling a large personal financial debt. Your end results speak for themselves! You exceeded my expectations in both saving me over $10,000 and in completing this process in under 2 months. Just as important to me was the manner in which you conducted this process. From beginning to end your ethics, communications, professionalism, and etiquette were extraordinary. Simply put, your firm is “top notch” and is a refreshing departure from the mediocre standards of other companies in your industry.”
C.G. (sales executive)

“I would highly recommend your firm to anyone needing outside assistance with debt settlement issues. I found myself in serious trouble after many years of hard work and excellent credit. I kept thinking I could just handle it all myself (which I did by ignoring the problem, like so many others). I sent you an email inquiry and you called back the next day. However, it took me quite some time just to return your call because I was so depressed and afraid. You were extremely knowledgeable about my creditors and immediately put me at ease about my situation. You kept me advised at all times about the status of my accounts (even when some time had passed without any activity). The best thing was that you stopped the threatening calls and letters.”
J.K. (retired, medical disability)

“Having a lawyer as a father has made me a skeptical person to say the least. Finding HBR on the internet with the claims of how I could be helped seemed impossible. Going on faith, I trusted Mr. Brinker to help get me the results I was looking for. Not only did he deliver EXACTLY what he claimed he could and in the time frame estimated, he EXCEEDED my settlement expectations! Thanks again!”
M.F. (advertising executive)

“I’m extremely happy with the results I received working with HBR. I had old debts that had surfaced and was in a position of being sued by creditors. You guys area a class act and very professional. Thanks again for saving me 1000’s and helping me get out of a very difficult situation.”
V.S. (small business owner)

“Your personal sensitivity and professional manner enabled me to navigate a difficult financial problem with dignity and solid monetary results. Thank you for all the time and attention you gave to my situation. I would still be buried in debt were it not for your guidance and skill. Thank you.”
P.L. (photographer)

“I would like to thank you for the excellent job that you did for us in settling our debt. The medical issues that we had were a lot easier to handle knowing you were working for us. I would recommend your firm to anyone that finds themselves in a financial situation that looks like there is no alternative but bankruptcy. Your firm is easy to work with, honest and fair. The best thing about your firm is paying you when results are achieved. That was great! Thanks again for all you did.”
P.A. (manufacturing representative)

“Mark and his staff did a great job on our behalf and saved us thousands. We had quite a large debt and it took us awhile to accumulate the necessary funds and through it all, Mark and his staff were patient and professional. I definitely recommend this company.”
R.G. (owner, whole clothing outlet)

“Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts not only saved me better than THIRTY PERCENT, they gave me peace of mind. During the entire process I was kept abreast of every development in the negotiation and the final resolution of my debt. The calm of their experience diffused my personal fears of the process. I would highly recommend anyone that is considering the resolution of any type of past debt, to talk with Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, prior to attempting to negotiate on their own. The personal peace of mind, time savings, much less actual monies saved are well worth letting their experience and professionalism handle the task.”
W.H. (real estate agent)

“After suffering a large financial loss, we were not able to continue paying the tremendous charge card debt we had incurred. We talked to several debt resolution companies but our gut feeling was to go with Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts. Our instincts were right. Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts resolved our debt with awesome results. They were very professional but still extremely easy to work with. We cannot thank them enough for helping us get out from under our debt. We will be recommending them to anyone else who finds themselves in this situation and wants help out of it!”
S.T. (owner, general contracting firm)

“We were totally satisfied with the pre, the during and the post relationship with Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. During this difficult time, they explained different options clearly, they projected the sequence of events fairly (both in duration and amounts negotiated) and they followed us step by step without “crowding” us, but remaining always available and in many instances they were one step ahead of the game. It was an emotional and delicate time of our lives, and Hoffman Brinker and Roberts helped us through like life long friends: understanding, discrete and trustworthy. We recommend them – with no reservation – to anyone.”
M.V. (owner, publishing company)

“It’s hard to believe the process we started almost two years ago is now over! Mary and I want to thank you again for helping us lift the enormous burden of debt from our shoulders. The savings to us totaled over $50,000! But besides the actual monetary savings, your professionalism, optimism and encouragement were as big a help to us emotionally as the settlements were financially. You never let a phone call or email go unanswered. Everything you said you would do was done–and exactly when you said it would be. I can’t tell you how much that means to us! I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again for everything!”
T.C. (commercial airline pilot)

“I was $96,000 in debt and facing bankruptcy! Hoffman, Brinker, & Roberts not only was professional but they saved me $60,192. I settled all my accounts for roughly $36,000! Thanks!”
R.S. (corporate salesperson)

“After single parenting, illness, and accumulating over $48,000 in credit card debt, Mark helped me clear every balance and I am free at last. He and his staff treated me with respect, compassion and trust, his information was supportive, and his estimates accurate. He met or exceeded all our goals and was a buffer against the rudeness of collection agencies. I never had to talk to a single collection agent and he reached settlements that met or bettered my expectations. And after it was finished, he was still generous with his time in explaining and sending me in the right direction to clean up my credit rating. I couldn’t have asked for a better White Knight in reclaiming my life from debt. Thank you, Mark and the staff at Hoffman, Brinker, & Roberts!”
L.L. (psychologist)

“After I lost my job over a year ago and not being able to find work, I found myself behind on payments for too many credit cards. The accounts were ultimately parsed out to credit collection agencies, third parties who did not retain the long standing relationship I had built over the many years of being a satisfactory customer in good standing. I was now dealing with companies that bought accounts at an ultra-low price and worked solely on a basis of profit maximization. These credit agencies were ruthless, showing no mercy with their constant calling and harassment. They were much more skilled in using the phone as a tool against their customers than I. I felt like an “animal in the headlights”, and I could only watch as the accident approached. Even after I found work I was still in serious trouble, and I could see no way out except for going bankrupt. That’s when I ran across information about Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. In concert with a home refinance, Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. helped negotiate the unsecured debt down to a very manageable fraction of what I originally owed. I was able to pay off all my unsecured debt in short order. More importantly, I finally had some breathing room to re-establish myself. I highly recommend Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. for anyone who finds themselves in over their heads with credit. They are a knowledgeable and caring advocate to help negotiate debt away. They have acted professionally throughout the process, have reasonable fees, and act as a trusted agent. Contacting them was the best thing I could have done, and they have helped me realize thousands of dollars reduction in my debts.”
D.B. (analyst for government contractor)

“Thank you very much. You took a complicated financial mess and helped me out of it with my dignity intact. I really appreciate your help.”
B.A. (captain, U.S. Army)

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work at Hoffman, Brinker and Roberts, Inc. When my wife and I first retained your services, we were so distraught about our debt situation. It seemed impossible to overcome. The only solution seemed to be bankruptcy, an option that we really did not want to deal with. Your expert advice and guidance really helped alleviate a lot of pressure as you dealt with our creditors and worked towards several settlements. After a short while the phones stopped ringing from our creditors. We could not be happier with the settlement amounts you negotiated for us. Your professionalism, honesty, and knowledge was a welcomed relief from all of the “get out of debt quick” scams on the web. You really are the real deal in debt negotiation. Many Thanks!”
A.D. (photographer)

“The settlements you achieved on each of our embarrassingly large accounts far exceeded our hopes. More importantly, the dignity and respect with which we were treated deserves our heartfelt thanks. Additionally, your calm demeanor throughout this most trying time went a long way in helping us to cope with the frightening situation in which we found ourselves. Thank you.”
J.M. (delivery driver)