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“As a practicing attorney of over ten years experience, I am extremely selective when it comes to choosing professionals for matters as sensitive and serious as my own financial affairs. When medical bills relating to my daughter’s care created unmanageable credit card debt, I contacted Mark Brinker of Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts.

Simply put, my experience with Mark demonstrated that he is not only an expert in his field, but just as importantly, he is a truly committed professional who places the interests of his clients first. In my particular case, Mark spent substantial time providing invaluable guidance and then recommended a course of action that placed my family and its financial well being ahead of any fee or profit. I am confident that had I called one the many “mill” debt settlement operations advertised today on the radio instead of Mark, I never would have received such forthcoming and honest advice.

I am very thankful for Mark’s guidance and urge anyone finding themselves facing a hardship of excessive credit card debt to contact Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts. I highly recommend Mark and his firm without any reservation.”
S.R. (attorney)

“Due to a very complicated financial situation with a unruly bank that incorrectly listed the settlement from the short-sale of our house as a charge-off, and then refused to fix their error, we were facing imminent bankruptcy. We eventually hired an attorney to get the bank to remove the incorrect reporting so we could refinance and pay them in full, but the bank refused to negotiate. Once their collection agency started calling, we found and contacted Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. who immediately stepped in and quickly negotiated an extremely equitable solution, saving us over $15,000 and restoring our good credit rating. Mark’s understanding of the situation made him remarkably easy to work with and his frequent communications, assurances and updates on the progress of our case engendered total trust and relieved us of the heavy burden of uncertainty. Hoffman, Brinker & Roberts, Inc. has removed a huge weight from our shoulders that has been there for almost three years and they did it with such ease that we can only sit back in awe and feel blessed that this ordeal is finally over. We truly appreciate the incredibly efficient and favorable resolution Mark affected for us and highly recommend his services to anyone finding themselves in need of financial negotiations.”
A.R. (captain, U.S. Air Force)