Credit Card Debt Settlement Strategy: Persistence Pays!

by Mark Brinker

Here’s some quick “news from the field” from just last week.

Last Monday, two of my clients attempted to negotiate a settlement for less than full balance on their respective credit card accounts. Ironically, these 2 accounts were with the same credit card company. But that’s beside the point and purely coincidental.

Anyway, on Monday each client was told by the credit card company that “no settlement was available at all“.

Each client then came to me slightly discouraged and wondering what to do next. I reminded them that certain credit card companies (especially this particular one) are often very stubborn, and they know that most people will give up when they encounter any type of resistance.

I then explained to my two clients that if it were me I’d wait a couple days and go back to the credit card company and re-present my settlement proposal. In other words, just good old-fashioned persistence.

That’s exactly what these two clients did.

End result? On Wednesday of last week, one client settled her account for 40% of the balance and the other for 60% of the balance. These results were achieved when just 48 hours earlier they were told that “no settlement was available”.

Nothing fancy here. Just a little persistence.   😉

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